Breach Point Security Consultants

"From the boardroom to the battlefield Breachpoint is there for you."

What we do for you!!!
Breachpoint Securtiy Consultants are a professional orginization committed to providing a secure environment through effective risk mitigation, crisis management, and security solutions. Breachpoint Security Consultants provides the client a venue inwhich their business may grow and prosper. With a cadre of fully vetted and trained professionals, we will design state of the art solutions for your specific security and training needs.

Mission Statement
Breachpoint Security's mission is to provide highly-effective training solutions and protective services to clients in a volatile and ever-changing world. We vow to maintain personnel which are experienced, mature, highly skilled and motivated to provide unique and timely solutions that exceed our customer's needs and expectations.

Breachpoint Security is a rapidly growing training and security firm with innovative and aggressive solutions designed to exceed our competition's abilities and surpass our client's needs. Our ambition is to contract and provide security services with corporations who are doing international and high end domestic business while continuing to train law enforcement personnel around the world. Our clientele encompasses small businesses up to Fortune 500 corporations. The safety and protection of your employees, physical assets and information is our bottom line. Clients rely on Breachpoint Security to train and/or protect their people, infrastructure and other high-value assets in high-risk environments. This is done by retaining only the highest skilled and experienced leaders, law enforcement officers and risk asset managers available.